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Our mission is to provide state-of-the-art surgical vision correction to active duty Military and other uniformed service personnel, with emphasis on visual performance enhancement for the Warfighter. We improve operational readiness and safety by reducing the need for glasses and contact lenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I want to be considered for Refractive Surgery, where do I start?
Any military optometry department can help you get started. Please contact them directly to schedule an appointment for a refractive surgery consult.  Call Puget Sound Military Appointment Center (PSMAC) to make an appointment by calling (800) 404-4506.  You can either print a form from this website or get one directly from them. Either way, it is your responsibility to have your chain of command complete it, e-mail it to  You may also fax the completed form to (360) 475-4411or mail it in.  The form can also be dropped off during regular business hours at the clinic. Please fill it out clearly.

2. How can I contact your clinic?
Call us at (360) 475-4295

3. Did you get my consult?
You will receive a call to schedule a preoperative visit once we review your consult, usually within one month.  We cannot accept incomplete or illegible consults.  Please make sure that your voice mail box has been set up or that your mail box is not full.  It is important that clinic is able to leave you a message on what number to call back for you to book your pre-op appointments.

4. Can I wear contact lenses before my appointment?
Contact lenses can alter the shape of your cornea, and it takes weeks for your eye to go back to its natural shape.  If you wear soft contact lenses you must not use them for two weeks prior to your appointment.  If you wear toric, hard or rigid gas permeable lenses, or if you sleep in any type of contact lenses, you must not use them for four weeks prior to your appointment.  This will ensure that we examine your eye in its natural shape and give you the best possible surgical treatment to correct your vision.

5. When can I have surgery?
We perform surgery primarily based upon the Priority Level assigned by your Commanding Officer. Priority Level 1 patients will ALWAYS have priority over Priority Level 2, 3, and 4 patients. Time remaining on active duty is a very important consideration when scheduling for surgery.  This consideration is regulated by the Surgeon General representing each branch of service. Navy, Marine, and Coast Guard members must have 12 months of active service duty remaining from the date surgery is performed. Air Force/Air National Guard and Army/Army National Guard members must have 6 months of active duty remaining from date surgery is performed. For further questions, please see the BUMED Refractive Surgery Policies:
Policy 08-0081 Deploy After Refractive Surgery
Policy Guidance LASIK

6. Can I make/schedule an appointment for surgery?
When you are selected for an evaluation for surgery, we will make every effort to contact you. It is your responsibility to ensure that your contact number is current so that we can reach you when your turn comes up. If you are deployed or if any of your information changes (including your duty station), please update your information by phone, fax or U.S. mail. 

 7. Do you treat dependents and retirees?
No, our refractive surgery program is for active duty only.  Retirees and dependents may be seen in optometry for spectacle prescriptions when space is available and general ophthalmology clinic for exams and medically necessary surgical treatments.

 8. I was deployed/changed duty stations did I lose my number in line for surgery?
Remember, there is no "waiting list" for surgery. It is a database and we only input your information from your consult. We use this database to select our patients for refractive surgery, and those patients are selected by using the Priority Level which is assigned by your CO and listed on your consult.  
Aeromedical Reference and Waiver Guide

If you are not on flight status and would like to have surgery by a civilian provider, it is recommended you review your situation with a military eye care provider by making an eye exam appointment prior to making any commitments.

Remember, it is your responsibility to get written permission from your Commanding Officer to have this, or any elective surgery, performed by a civilian provider.

9. I got treated by a civilian and need a "follow up" or a "touch up." Can you do this for me? 
You'll need to return to your civilian provider for your "follow up" or "touch up."  It is recommended you review your situation with a military eye care provider by making an eye exam appointment prior to making any commitments.

10. Can you forward my consult to another military branch (Air Force/Army) Refractive Surgery Center?
Other branches of the military require different consult forms. Please contact your nearest Refractive Surgery Center to inquire about their process.

11. Do you treat members of other services?
Yes, if they have submitted a Navy Refractive Surgery Consult and are within our geographical treatment area.

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U.S. Food & Drug Administration Information Regarding Refractive Surgery
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