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The staff of Branch Health Clinic Bangor are skilled and eager to assist you.  Please let us know if we may help in any way.  If you are satisfied with the care you were given, please tell us about your experience.  If you think we can improve our services or if you encounter a problem, please ask to speak with our Patient Contact Representative.  Only through your comments and suggestions can we improve our service to meet your needs.


Our mission is to support the operational readiness of Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor by providing superior, customer-focused health services to those entrusted to our care.

About Us

Our clinic operates under Naval Hospital Bremerton which is fully accredited by the Joint Commission, an independent not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving quality care in organized healthcare settings. This national organization conducts hospital surveys to determine how well hospitals are providing healthcare. Naval Hospital Bremerton completed our most recent Joint Commission survey in May 2007, in conjunction with our Medical Inspector General survey. We passed both audits with flying colors and with many laudatory comments. Our branch clinic performs at consistently high standards to ensure Naval Hospital Bremerton maintains this high level of excellence.

Hours of Operation

Medical -- Monday-Thursday    0700-1730, Friday    0700-1600
Dental -- Monday-Friday    0700-1530
Pharmacy -- Monday-Friday    0730-1600 (new prescriptions will only be processed until 1530)

Services Available

Primary medical services include outpatient medical care, pharmacy, radiology and  laboratory.  Appointments can be made by  calling the TRICARE Regional Appointment Center at 800-404-4506.

Medical Home Port

You will have an entire team responsible for your healthcare. In addition to your Primary Care Manager (PCM), a Registered Nurse (RN), and a Hospital Corpsman and/or Medical Assistant will be part of your healthcare team.

Additional physicians/providers are also part of the team to fill in during absences. This team will partner with you to fulfill administrative requests and provide additional medical services, coordinating care across multiple settings.  This partnership focuses on sustaining and enhancing wellness in our patients as well as efficient delivery of comprehensive, evidence-based health care services and self-management support, based on the needs of our patients. 

This model aligns with civilian models of enhanced primary care known as Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH). In Navy Medicine, PCMH is known as "Medical Home Port."  Your Medical Home Port team can most effectively care for you when you provide a complete medical history and information about any care obtained outside your Medical Home Port practice.

Occupational Medicine

Occupational Medicine is located at 2850 Thresher Ave, where it provides medical surveillance and health exams to Naval Base Kitsap military members and civilians. The department also conducts ergonomic and work site visits of the various commands. Civilians injured on the job should report to the Bangor Branch Clinic. For life threatening events, call 911.


The pharmacy serves active duty and their    family members.  Drug information is available upon request. Prescriptions will only be filled for medications which are carried at the clinic.  Please allow two days to process prescription refill requests.

S.M.A.R.T. Clinic

The Sports Medicine And Rehabilitation Team (S.M.A.R.T) clinic is for active duty and their family members.  It is a referral based clinic that evaluates and treats non-surgical and pre-surgical joint, ligament, and tendon problems. 


The Dental Clinic serves mainly active duty patients, but also provides emergency care to all beneficiaries.  Emergency treatment to relieve pain, control infection, or repair trauma for any person is TOP PRIORITY and is available 24 hours a day.  Patients who are members of a TRICARE dental insurance plan are urged to contact their civilian dental health care provider for treatment, as emergency dental care is covered under these programs.  Active duty family members are to enroll in the TRICARE Active Duty Family Member Dental Plan. 


The Optometry Clinic is for active duty only.  Routine and follow up visits are by appointment only.  Eye screening and spectacle ordering are provided on a walk in basis.

TRICARE Regional Appointment Center 800-404-4506
After Hours Access Line 360-475-5700
Audiology 360-315-3909
Dental Services 360-315-4287
EFM Coordinator 360-475-4215
Family Care Clinic 360-315-4346
Immunizations 360-315-4381
Laboratory 360-315-4388
Medical Records 360-315-4371
Occupational Health/ 360-315-4358/79/60/59
Physical Exams
Optometry Clinic 360-315-4385
PHA/Readiness 360-315-4352
Pharmacy 360-315-4341/43
PRP office 360-315-4249/52
Radiology 360-315-4375/76
Screenings/Med Surveillance 360-315-4361/90


Contact Us


Patient Care Line
360-315-4391 (during office hours, Monday - Friday 7:00 - 3:30pm)

After Hours Advice Line

(910) 907-2778 (APPT)

*Call 911 for Emergencies*


2050 Barb Street, Suite A
Silverdale, WA 98315
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