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360-315-4391 (during office hours, Monday - Friday 7:00 - 3:30pm)

After Hours Advice Line

Nurse Advice Line (NAL) 24hrs a day

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*Call 911 for Emergencies*


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Branch Health Clinic Bangor

The staff of Branch Health Clinic Bangor are skilled and eager to assist you.  Please let us know if we may help in any way.  If you are satisfied with the care you were given, please tell us about your experience.  If you think we can improve our services or if you encounter a problem, please ask to speak with our Patient Contact Representative.  Only through your comments and suggestions can we improve our service to meet your needs.


Our mission is to support the operational readiness of Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor by providing superior, customer-focused health services to those entrusted to our care.

About Us

Our clinic operates under Naval Hospital Bremerton which is fully accredited by the Joint Commission, an independent not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving quality care in organized healthcare settings. This national organization conducts hospital surveys to determine how well hospitals are providing healthcare. Naval Hospital Bremerton completed our most recent Joint Commission survey in May 2007, in conjunction with our Medical Inspector General survey. We passed both audits with flying colors and with many laudatory comments. Our branch clinic performs at consistently high standards to ensure Naval Hospital Bremerton maintains this high level of excellence.

Hours of Operation

Medical -- Monday-Friday    0700-1530 (Virtual Clinic: 1530-1700 Monday-Thursday)
Dental -- Monday-Friday    0700-1530
Pharmacy -- Monday-Friday    0730-1600 (new prescriptions will only be processed until 1530)

Services Available

Primary medical services include outpatient medical care, pharmacy, radiology and  laboratory.  Appointments can be made by  calling the TRICARE Regional Appointment Center at 800-404-4506.

Medical Home Port

You will have an entire team responsible for your healthcare. In addition to your Primary Care Manager (PCM), a Registered Nurse (RN), and a Hospital Corpsman and/or Medical Assistant will be part of your healthcare team.

Additional physicians/providers are also part of the team to fill in during absences. This team will partner with you to fulfill administrative requests and provide additional medical services, coordinating care across multiple settings.  This partnership focuses on sustaining and enhancing wellness in our patients as well as efficient delivery of comprehensive, evidence-based health care services and self-management support, based on the needs of our patients. 

This model aligns with civilian models of enhanced primary care known as Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH). In Navy Medicine, PCMH is known as "Medical Home Port."  Your Medical Home Port team can most effectively care for you when you provide a complete medical history and information about any care obtained outside your Medical Home Port practice.

Occupational Medicine

Occupational Medicine is located at 2850 Thresher Ave, where it provides medical surveillance and health exams to Naval Base Kitsap military members and civilians. The department also conducts ergonomic and work site visits of the various commands. Civilians injured on the job should report to the Bangor Branch Clinic. For life threatening events, call 911.


The pharmacy serves active duty and their    family members.  Drug information is available upon request. Prescriptions will only be filled for medications which are carried at the clinic.  Please allow two days to process prescription refill requests.

S.M.A.R.T. Clinic

The Sports Medicine And Rehabilitation Team (S.M.A.R.T) clinic is for active duty.  It is a referral based clinic that evaluates and treats non-surgical and pre-surgical joint, ligament, and tendon problems.  You will have a Physical Therapist, Chiropractor and/or Orthopedic Surgeon evaluation in assistance of your care.


The Dental Clinic serves mainly active duty patients, but also provides emergency care to all beneficiaries.  Emergency treatment to relieve pain, control infection, or repair trauma for any person is TOP PRIORITY and is available 24 hours a day.  Patients who are members of a TRICARE dental insurance plan are urged to contact their civilian dental health care provider for treatment, as emergency dental care is covered under these programs.  Active duty family members are to enroll in the TRICARE Active Duty Family Member Dental Plan. 


Phone: 360-315-4385
Hours: 0730-1130 1300-1500
The Optometry Clinic is for active duty only.  Routine and follow up visits are by appointment only.  Vision screening and spectacle ordering are provided on a walk in basis.
Routine appointments: TRICARE Regional Appointment Center 800-404-4506
Follow up appointments: call the Clinic 360-315-4385
Vision Screenings: bring DoD2808 or command required paperwork and any spectacle correction to screening.

TRICARE Regional Appointment Center 800-404-4506
After Hours Access Line 360-475-5700
Audiology 360-315-3909
Dental Services 360-315-4287
EFM Coordinator 360-475-4215
Family Care Clinic 360-315-4346
Immunizations 360-315-4381
Laboratory 360-315-4388
Medical Records 360-315-4371
Occupational Health/ 360-315-4358/79/60/59
Physical Exams
Optometry Clinic 360-315-4385
PHA/Readiness 360-315-4352
Pharmacy 360-315-4341/43
PRP office 360-315-4249/52
Radiology 360-315-4375/76
Screenings/Med Surveillance 360-315-4361/90

Preventive Medicine Department

 Ensuring The Health Of Today's Military Through Prevention

 Maintaining a healthy life style involves more than just responding to illness. To stay truly healthy, early detection of medical issues and threats is essential. Whether it be inspecting facilities for suitability or managing the administration of vaccines, Branch Health Clinic Bangor Preventive Medicine is ready for the challenges ahead.

Vaccines Available & Information

To make a medical appointment please contact the Regional TRICARE Appointment Center at (800) 404-4506 or to schedule a routine or follow-up appointment with your primary care manager (TRICARE Prime and Plus only) go to

Hours of Operation

7 a.m. - 4 p.m. Monday through Friday

Clinic Information Line



Enrollment at Branch Health Clinic Bangor is open to active duty and TRICARE Prime family members residing in the Naval Base Kitsap Bangor and/or Naval Undersea Warfare Center Keyport area.
Please stop by the TRICARE Service center located on the Third Floor of Naval Hospital Bremerton to register.

 Emergencies and Unplanned Events

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appoinment please call the Regional TRICARE Appointment Center as soon as possible at
(800) 404-4506 so that we can book another appointment in its slot. Thank you for helping us ensure appointments don't go unfilled.

Prevent the Spread!

Please inform the staff upon arrival if you are exhibiting or you think that you may have:

  • Unexpected rash
  • Measles or Mumps
  • Chicken Pox
  • Flu or Cold like symptoms including but not limited to: runny nose or cough

By informing us of these symptoms, you can help us do our part to prevent the spread of disease.

By washing and sanitizing your hands, you will be doing your part to prevent the spread of disease.

Ancillary Services

Audiology: 360-315-3909

Hours: 0730-1130 1300-1500

Audiology at Branch Health Clinic Bangor serves mainly active duty. All GS and contracted employees will be seen at the BHEC Audiology booth.  All encounters are walk-in based during clinic hours. You may call ahead to reserve your seat for the same day or for a future visit.


Laboratory: 360-315-4388

Hours: 0730-1100 1300-1500

The laboratory is open for active duty, and appropriate GS and contracted employees. No appointment is needed, all encounters are walk in based. Some laboratory procedures may not be performed here, please verify with your provider if our laboratory has the required resources.

Specialty Labs:

Lead- any time Tues-Thurs

Cadmium- no specific time however, patient must have a Specific gravity of 1.008 or higher prior to drawing lab.

Beryllium- Thursdays from 0800-0930 and must be scheduled through Occupational Health and must have paperwork in hand for test to be completed.

QFT (Quantiferon)- Monday- Thursday any time before 1000



Pharmacy: 360-315-4341/43

Hours 0730-1200 1230-1600

The pharmacy serves active duty and their family members..  Drug information is available upon request. Prescriptions will only be filled for medications which are carried at the clinic.  New prescriptions are processed from 0730- 1530 only. Please allow two days to process prescription refill requests.

To refill a prescription, please call:

(360) 475-4217 or Toll Free at (800) 442-1383


Radiology: 360-315-4375

Hours: 0730-11:30 13:00-15:00

Radiology serves active duty, and appropriate GS and contracted employees. No appointment is needed, all encounters are walk in based.

(360) 475-4217 or Toll Free at (800) 442-1383

The Health and Well-Being of our service members is the top priority of our Clinic and Navy Medicine.
In our Occupational Health department, we have technicians and providers that are committed to the health and welfare of the military and civilian workforce in potentially hazardous environment. 

Occupational Medicine

Occupational Medicine is available to Naval Base Kitsap, Naval Base Bangor, Naval Undersea Warfare Center Keypor
and Naval Magazine Indian Island military and civilian employees.
This service provides medical surveillance and certification physical exams as well as pregnancy, ergonomic and worksite evaluations.
Civilians injured on the job should report to the clinic with a dispensary permit after initial care
by their personal provider for Return to Work limitations or return to full duty.
Naval Branch Health Clinic Bangor is not available for urgent or emergency care needs.
Please call Emergency Services/Ambulance for serious injuries.
To make an appointment with Occupation Health/Physical exams,please call TRICARE Appt Center, 1-800-404-4506.


 The Audiology department is available to military shore and operational forces and civilian personnel requiring
Audiology as ppart of Occupational Health screening. 
Audiograms are done to assist in the recognition and prevention of hearing loss attributed
to the various work environments in the military and civilian workforce.
Routine audiograms should be conducted annually for members in the Hearing Conservation program
and with every physical exam and separation for military members.


Monday and Tuesday: 12:35-2:30 p.m.
Wednesday and Friday: 9-11:45 a.m./ 12:35-2:30 p.m.
Thursday: 9-11:45 a.m.

Phone Numbers for Occupational Health

Physical Exams: (360) 315-4358/4359/4360
Overseas/Sea Duty Screening: (360) 315-4352



Hours of Operation:

(Non-holiday) Monday – Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Sick Call Hours:

(Non-holiday) Monday – Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.

For after-hours emergencies please seek treatment at:

Naval Hospital Urgent Care Clinic (UCC):

3:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. (M-F), 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. (Sat, Sun, Holidays)

Outside of Clinic and UCC hours please seek emergency treatment at the nearest civilian emergency treatment facility.

The Dental Services at NBHC Bangor are dedicated to the oral care of our military service members. We provide care that will prevent or remedy diseases, disabilities and injuries of the teeth, jaw and related structures that may interfere with performance of military duty.

Emergency treatment to relieve pain, control infection, or address trauma is a TOP PRIORITY.

 To make a Dental appointment, please call: (360) 315-4287

Medical readiness is an important part of the deployment process. In times of conflict it is important for all service members to stay ready for the tasks ahead. The MRRS department at NBHC Bangor is willing to assist individuals and commands in any way possible to make our service members ready for that call.
Medical readiness is not just being ready to deploy. The process is also a useful preventive medicine tool used also to recognize potentially troublesome conditions early to prevent them from developing into potentially life threatening problems later.
Medical Readiness is broken down into four categories:
Fully Medically Ready (Green)
The member has met all the requirements for vaccinations for their respective areas. Their annual Preventive Health Assessment and Dental Exam are up to date. Laboratory tests have been conducted and are current. All other readiness requirements for their specific command have been met.
Partially Medically Ready (Yellow)
The member has met the necessary annual requirements for their Preventive Health Assessment and Dental Exam. The member does require a laboratory test, vaccination or other minor requirements to be fully ready.
Not Medically Ready (Red)
The member may have met all the annual Preventive Health Assessment and Dental Exam requirements as well as the vaccinations, laboratory tests and all other minor requirements. The member is on Limited Duty due to injury or pregnancy or the member is Dental Class 3(requires a corrective procedure).
Medical Readiness Indeterminate (Gray)
The member has not met their annual requirement for the Preventive Health Assessment and/or the Dental Exam. All other vaccinations, laboratory tests and other minor requirements may be met.
Partially Medically Ready and Medical Readiness Indeterminate categories are correctable in a short period of time and will not interfere with the deployment status of the member. A member is not deployable if they are “Not Medically Ready” however, depending on the procedure, Dental Class 3 can be corrected in a short period of time. For further guidance on medical readiness, please contact your Command Readiness Liaison. If you are a Command Readiness Liaison and do not have a clinic point of contact please contact Overseas/ Sea Duty Screening at (360) 315-4352.
Medical readiness includes several types of screenings and physicals depending on rate and operational status. Here are the medical screenings and physicals we cover.
When done filling out these forms, please email them to

Operational and Overseas

  • Needed for individuals who will be going operational, or to a deployable unit.
  • Family members will use the same form and schedule their appointment with PCM.
  • Complete within 30 days of receiving orders.
  • Must have hardcopy orders in hand to properly screen.

 Submarine Physical

 Nuclear Field Duty Physical

 Commissioning Physical

  • Needed for anyone putting in a commissioning package
  • If with an NROTC unit, make sure you contact us well ahead of time as you are most likely missing basic requirements that take time to resolve.

 Dive, Naval Special Warfare, Special Operation Physical

  • Needed every 5 years.
  • Laboratory studies required prior to physical exam
  • Anyone dive qualified is also required to have a yearly skin exam (usually done concurrently with PHA)
  • Navy Divers, SWICC, SEALS, EOD

 Separation and Retirement Physical

  • Individuals who are separating.
  • Individuals who are retiring.
  • Need to be completed within 180 days of last AD day. Not beginning of terminal leave.
  • This physical has nothing to do with your VA claim, if you are looking for information about what to do and how to navigate the VA claim process please call your local DAV or visit their website.
When done filling out these forms, please email them to in an ENCRYPED email.
Please do not include social security numbers or date of birth when sending forms.
If you do not have the ability to encrypt emails, please request a DOD safe link from our MRRS representatives at the email provided.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call the MRRS department at
(360) 315-4319.

We understand how important your medical record is to you and we are committed to ensuring that your record is maintained in a safe, secure environment and available for all of your medical appointments.

Due to changes in Department of Health Affairs policies, Naval Hospital Bremerton and Branch Health Clinic Bangor have implemented a "closed medical record system". This means that we maintain custody of those active duty and family member's medical records housed here at Branch Health Clinic Bangor. An FAQ's section is below will help answer some of your concerns. If your Question was not addressed, please see our Outpatient Medical Records Department staff for further assistance.

Closed Medical Record System Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "I have an appointment at one of the clinics at Branch Health Clinic Bangor. How do I obtain my record?"

A: Medical records are delivered by Branch Health Clinic Bangor staff to clinics prior to patient appointments. This enables your provider to review your medical history and prepare for your visit.

Q: "I'm scheduled for an appointment at Madigan Army Medical Center, but my record is kept at Branch Health Clinic Bangor. How do I obtain my record?"

A: Medical records needed for appointments outside of Branch Health Clinic Bangor are delivered by an authorized courier the day prior to your appointment. This ensures the clinic staff has your record ready and the provider can preview your medical history prior to your visit.

Q: "I have an appointment with a civilian provider. How will he/she receive important medical information about me?"

A: Civilian providers send formal requests to Branch Health Clinic Bangor for pertinent health information in order to prepare for your appointment. In the event a request is not received by the civilian provider, patients can visit thee Medical Records Department, Branch Health Clinic Bangor and the records staff will assist you with your health record request.

Q: "I'm seeing my provider as a walk-in. How do I obtain my record?"

A: Clinic staff are responsible for requesting your medical record through our electronic system. Once the electronic request is received in the Medical Records Department, your medical record will be delivered to the clinic within fifteen minutes.

Q: "How do I request a copy of my medical record?"

A: Patients can visit the Medical Records Department and the records staff will assist you with your health record request. A copy of your health record will be ready for pick-up four weeks from the date of your request.

Why is it important that I have a Primary Care Manager?
The Medical Home Port team will ensure that care is all-inclusive and integrated with all other care provided within our healthcare system. Care delivered in Medical Home Port model includes, but is not limited to, readiness, prevention, wellness, behavioral health, and disease management.

What is a Medical Home?
Medical Home is a model of patient and family-centered health care delivery for primary care that is team-based, comprehensive, and designed to fully meet the complete primary care health and wellness needs of our patients.

Who can I call if I have questions after I see the doctor that I forgot to ask during my visit?
Patient’s are welcome to call the clinic and speak to a clinic nurse regarding their visit, utilize the Relay Health secure messaging system, or call the Nurse Advice Line for medical advice or concerns.

Is there someone I can call who can answer questions about medical issues I may be having?
The Nurse Advice Line is a 24/7 medical advice service staffed by Registered Nurses who can provide advice, home care instructions, triage, or defer patients to seek Urgent or Emergent care.

Can I get seen the day I call?
Yes, according to the Medical Home model of care, patient’s requesting a same-day appointment will be seen that day dependent on medical acuity and patient desires.

What if I’m sick and need to be seen right away?
If experiencing immediate life threatening issues, call 911 or seek emergency care at the closes Emergency Department.
For all others during business hours you may call our clinic or the Nurse Advise line for advice.  We can generally make you an appointment that same day or first thing the following morning.
If it is after hours or weekends and you do not think you can wait until the next business day for an appointment please feel free to call the Nurse Advise line, our clinic on call provider or if you are ill with moderately acute medical issues that need immediate attention, it is advised to seek care at Naval Hospital Bremerton’s Urgent Care Center. 

What is Relay Health and when should I use it?
Relay Health is an asynchronous secure messaging system whose purpose is to provide the following capabilities, which are available or supported by all current iterations of secure messaging: demand management; results distribution; preventive healthcare communication; broadcast messaging/announcements and; minor problem management.

What is an Urgent Care?
An Urgent Care center is a facility utilized to treat non-life threatening medical issues when they cannot be immediately evaluated by your primary care physician.

When should I go to the Urgent Care at Naval Hospital Bremerton now that the Emergency Room there is closed?
The Urgent Care Center is for non-emergent medical issues that need to be evaluated by a physician outside the hours of your Medical Home’s regular business hours.  Remember that you have 24/7 access to the Nurse Advise line and the physician on call.

When should I go to an Emergency Room?
If you are experiencing life threatening medical conditions, call 911 or seek care at your closest Emergency Department.

Can I be charged if I go to an urgent care in town?
Yes, unless you are authorized to be seen at a civilian facility, you are liable to accrue charges related to your care.  For further guidance, please contact Naval Hospital Bremerton’s Referral Management Department at 360-475-4455.
Don't forget to keep your family's information up-to-date in DEERS.