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Sept. 15, 2022

Air Quality Awareness in a Haze

A distant haze... those spectacular sunsets and sunrises the last few days in the Pacific Northwest, brought about from surrounding wildfires, have pushed the air quality index way above normal across much of the greater Puget Sound region. As a result, there's a host of potential associated health risks that mirror COVID-19 symptoms, especially with those with sensitive to respiratory and cardiovascular system ailments. "Wildfire smoke is a mix of gases and fine particles and can make anyone sick. Symptoms of breathing in smoke can include coughing, trouble breathing normally, scratchy throat, stinging eye, runny nose, irritated sinuses, wheezing, chest pain, headaches, asthma attack, tiredness, and fast heartbeat," explained Cmdr. Carolyn Ellison, NHB/NMRTC Bremerton Director for Public Health. When the air is smoky. Ellison recommends staying indoors as much as possible, avoid vigorous outdoor activities, close the windows, recirculate air conditioning, and consider an air cleaner with a filter to have one room in your home with extra clean air (Official Navy photo by Douglas H Stutz, NHB/NMRTC Bremerton public affairs officer).

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