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News | July 11, 2022

Authority to Assume the Title and Wear the Uniform at NMRTC Bremerton

By Douglas Stutz, Naval Hospital Bremerton

Authority to Assume the Title and Wear the Uniform at NMRTC Bremerton
By Douglas H Stutz, NHB/NMRTC Bremerton public affairs officer -- There were 63 reasons to recognize July 1, 2022 as a notable date on the calendar.
Along with the day being the first of five Fridays in the month and the unofficial start of the long Fourth of July weekend, it also signified a professional milestone for Navy Medicine Readiness Training Command Bremerton Sailors being officially frocked to their next highest paygrade.
“You represent the best and brightest of the Navy. It’s an absolute privilege to be here today and congratulate everyone on this superb accomplishment. If you feel like you’ve been working hard, it’s because you have,” said Capt. Patrick Fitzpatrick, NMRTC Bremerton commanding officer.
In front of family, friends, co-workers and colleagues, the ranks of newly-advanced first class petty officers, second class petty officers and third class petty officers had their old rank insignia replaced by the new.
“To our largest group, our new third class petty officer, congratulations on this career milestone. I hope you remember this day, just as I still do, almost 30 years ago. I still have that Navy crow [unofficial name for petty officer insignia]. It is a symbol of your knowledge, abilities and also increased authority,” Fitzpatrick remarked. “For our new second class petty officers, you all now have the new responsibility of mentoring the new third class petty officers. Our Navy heritage is built on the experiences that you must pass on to those following in your footsteps.”

Addressing the new first class petty officers, Fitzpatrick noted that now is the time for them to begin grooming for the next rank of becoming a senior enlisted leader.
“Start preparing to be a chief. We need your leadership and expertise. Out of all the people being frocked today, it is you with the most responsibility. Because all our Sailors need you, and your mentorship, direction and guidance. You set the example,” stated Fitzpatrick.
The following Sailors assigned to NMRTC Bremerton were advanced:
Hospitalman Corpsmen 1st Class Jesus Contreras, Tessa Hazard, Joshua Ohara, Jessica Pohl, Daniel Rodriguez and Joshua White.
Master-at-Arms 1st Class Kimberly Griffin.
Culinary Specialists 2nd Class Christopher Paul, Henry Roman and Israel Tellezalejo.
Hospital Corpsmen 2nd Class Rylee Brown, Jay Contreras, Laura Denmark, Travis Mitchell, Elmer Nicomedez, Lauren Pereda, Heather Potersnak, Leeann Rodriguez, Daniel Sierraperez, Lindsi Thomas, Shea Thomas, Tingting Wei and Christopher Wright,
Interior Communication Electrician 2nd Class Kimberly Heidenreich
Logistics Specialist 2nd Class Danya Grant.
Machinist’s Mate Auxiliary 2nd Class Nathan Mingle
Hospital Corpsmen 3rd Class Zachary North, Jammel Tilley, Whitney Harper, Zachary St. Clair, Wendy Dang, Clowie Schweihofer, Hannah Maloney, Samantha Henderson, Marissa Parr, Kamryn Wright, Jian Gonzalez, Clay Campbell, Sonora Burrows, Heather Hernandez, Lillian Lampreht, Kristen Robinson, Jiali Chen, Luis Garciapreciado, Mariah Hanlinetorres, Lindsey Juarez, Evan Gutierrez, Mary Lawrence, Bradford Wyzykowski, Simplicia Montoya, Zoe Nall, and Maximiliano Martinez.
Master-at-Arms 3rd Class Robert Hodges and MA3 Alyah Swartz.
Machinist’s Mate 3rd Class Luke Howell
Operations Specialist 3rd Class Nisa Mility
“Let me say again that Command Master Chief May and I are very proud of you. The best is yet to come for all of you,” said Fitzpatrick.
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