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Emergency Care


Emergency Care is NOT available at Naval Hospital Bremerton.

It is imperative that anyone with a potential threat to loss of life, limb or eyesight go immediately to the nearest Emergency Department - or call 911 – and not travel to Naval Hospital Bremerton (NHB).

An available resource for you to help determine if you should use an Urgent Care Clinic (UCC) OR an Emergency Department (ED) is the Nurse Advice Line (NAL). The NAL is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The nurse will discuss your concerns and provide recommendations for home treatment/care if applicable, and whether the issue should be addressed via an ED or UCC visit. The Nurse Advice Line's toll-free number is 1-800-874-2273, and then select option one.

Conditions that require emergency medical care include:

  • Chest pain
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Suicidal or homicidal feeling
  • Compound or open fracture (bone broken in multiple places or protrudes through skin)
  • Convulsions, seizures or loss of consciousness
  • Fever in newborn (less than three months old)
  • Uncontrolled Bleeding
  • Penetrating trauma such as stab wounds or gunshot wounds
  • Severe Burns
  • Concern for Toxic Ingestion or Poisoning
  • Eye injuries or loss of vision
  • Anaphylaxis (allergic reactions)
  • Head or neck injury
  • Traumatic spine injury
  • Severe abdominal pain
  • Signs of Stroke (loss of vision, sudden numbness, weakness, slurred speech, or confusion)

Local Emergency Departments:

Madigan Army Medical Center (Tacoma)
9040A Jackson Ave
Joint Base Lewis McChord, WA 98431
Phone: (253) 968-1390
Your location to Madigan emergency room and urgent care - Google Maps
St. Michael Medical Center (Silverdale)
1800 Northwest Myhre Road
Silverdale, WA 98383
Phone: (360) 744-880
Your location to St. Michael Medical Center - Silverdale: Emergency Room - Google Maps
St. Anthony Hospital (Gig Harbor)
11567 Canterwood Boulevard Northwest
Gig Harbor, WA 98332
Phone: (253) 530-2000
Your location to St. Anthony Hospital - Emergency Room - Google Maps
Tacoma General (Tacoma)
315 Martin Luther King Jr Way
Tacoma, WA 98405
Phone: (253) 403-1000
Your location to MultiCare Tacoma General Hospital - Google Maps
Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital (Tacoma)
317 Martin Luther King, Jr Way
Tacoma, WA 98405
Phone: (253) 403-1400
Your location to Mary Bridge Children's Hospital - Emergency Department - Google Maps
Last updated:  08 MAR 2023

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​TRICARE Regional Appointment Center 1-800-404-4506
NHB Pharmacy Refills (360) 475-4217

NHB Primary Care Clinics
Family Medicine Clinic (360) 475-4379
Internal Medicine Clinic (360) 475-4206
Pediatric Clinic (360) 475-4216

Branch Health Clinics
BHC Bangor (360) 315-4391
BHC Everett (425) 304-4060
BHC Puget Sound Naval Shipyard (360) 476-2508​

Don't forget to keep your family's information up-to-date in DEERS.
Don't forget to keep your family's information up-to-date in DEERS.